Thursday, July 30, 2009

Frock You

I've discovered that signing up to email notifications for online shopping is a bad idea when your trying to save money. When the frockyou email arrived in my inbox this week, I was smitten with these spring tops. I had to limit myself to just a few, so picked up these 3 tops, which arrived on my doorstep 2 days later.

Birds of a Feather Here Comes The Sun tank

French Kitty Belle-Licious Top

Living Doll Tom Boy Top

I always seem to be swayed to buy something if the model is adorable like the one above :) I've ordered from several times & I'm always more than impressed with their customer service (they will try their best to track down an item for you if it has sold out), their shipping cost & delivery times, and the range of brands. Also, if you use the code 'frocker' you get 15% off year round.

Hopefully the sun keeps shining so I can wear my new purchases on the weekend! Hope everyone has a beautiful Friday/weekend! xx


  1. gorgeous choices hon! especially adore the last one - so versatile! the sun seems to be staying longer in the arvo & rising earlier these days - it means spring is on it's way - yahoo!
    hope you are wonderful beautiful girl!
    have an amazing weekend!! xxx

  2. I love the first top! Very cute. The model is adoreable! xx

  3. oooh i like the first & second tops :D
    you know, she reminds me of you a bit. actually she looks like a cross between you & ellie in the first pic. how cute!!!! xoxo

  4. Very cool tops! very girly and cute! x

  5. lol these tops are pretty. I espically like the second one


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