Sunday, July 19, 2009

Lazy Weeks

This last week I've been sick with the flu, so I've been blowing off the gym to stay in and relax. Instead, I've had some me time with chocolate, manicures, strawberry puree body lotion (not that I could smell it) & magazines. I then decided to spring clean my room, & sort through old magazines. I'm in the process of ripping out anything inspirational ie/ fashion or beauty related so I can put it all together in a file. Next I'm going to tackle my closet.

I spent the weekend with my bf, who is off to Japan for 17 days this week. We went to town on Saturday so I could check out the Naked Honey perfumes at MAC. I was undecided between the 2, but the bf preferred the Africanimal one so I got that, along with the skin salve, carbon eyeshadow, and a 266 brush. Mac in Myer & DJ's had 15% off so I was pretty happy with my purchases.

I've had my eye on this Layered Frill Shell Top from Witchery for a while, so I was stoked to see it on sale for around $55.

The colour & frills on this Silk Frill Sleeve Tee caught my eye.

Saturday night the boy & I stayed in & watched movies, & Sunday we went to Harbor Town for a look around, I picked up a Nike hoodie for 30% off, and then went into the city for Japanese for lunch. :)

This week I've decided to take off Thursday & Friday from work to see the boy off, and then spend some time getting arty. Last week I stocked up on paints/pastels & inks from the art shop, so I'm going to get creative & paint something on the canvas I bought. I am really inspired by Sarah Hankinson fashion illustrations, you can check out some of her pieces here -

I'm also going to try my hand at some headbands & accessories. I really want to get back into photography as well (it was my fave subject at school & after seeing so many beautiful photos on blogs I want to start having fun with it) so I'm thinking about saving up for a decent camera - I would love to hear your recommendations? Hopefully this week I can figure out how to use my scanner & upload some of my sketches I've done in the past. :)

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! xx


  1. Hope you get well soon! The frilly purple top is gorgeous!

  2. hrm hard choice im still tossing up between a canon or nikon. we'll go on a phototaking adventure once we get our cameras :]

  3. Poor you, hope you are recoverd soon :( It sounds like bliss to be holded up in your room whilst it rains , with a masive supply of fashion literature and some gorgeous mac products.

  4. Thanks lovelies, feeling much better now! :) Definitely the best the relax with mags & food & new purchases :)


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