Thursday, July 30, 2009

Frock You

I've discovered that signing up to email notifications for online shopping is a bad idea when your trying to save money. When the frockyou email arrived in my inbox this week, I was smitten with these spring tops. I had to limit myself to just a few, so picked up these 3 tops, which arrived on my doorstep 2 days later.

Birds of a Feather Here Comes The Sun tank

French Kitty Belle-Licious Top

Living Doll Tom Boy Top

I always seem to be swayed to buy something if the model is adorable like the one above :) I've ordered from several times & I'm always more than impressed with their customer service (they will try their best to track down an item for you if it has sold out), their shipping cost & delivery times, and the range of brands. Also, if you use the code 'frocker' you get 15% off year round.

Hopefully the sun keeps shining so I can wear my new purchases on the weekend! Hope everyone has a beautiful Friday/weekend! xx

Sunday, July 19, 2009


After reading this post on Cupcakes & Cashmere, I fell in love with the Rebecca Minkoff clutch. Here's a picture from Emily's blog.

After some online browsing I discovered many more gorgeous Rebecca Minkoff bags. This Stud Devote bag in Black is amazing! I need this in my collection (one day!)

Some more gorgeous bags.

This Oroton Costa Chain bag caught my eye - love the colour!

Witchery Frill Detail Camisole

Mimco Twisted Pearl Bracelet

I better get saving :)

Lazy Weeks

This last week I've been sick with the flu, so I've been blowing off the gym to stay in and relax. Instead, I've had some me time with chocolate, manicures, strawberry puree body lotion (not that I could smell it) & magazines. I then decided to spring clean my room, & sort through old magazines. I'm in the process of ripping out anything inspirational ie/ fashion or beauty related so I can put it all together in a file. Next I'm going to tackle my closet.

I spent the weekend with my bf, who is off to Japan for 17 days this week. We went to town on Saturday so I could check out the Naked Honey perfumes at MAC. I was undecided between the 2, but the bf preferred the Africanimal one so I got that, along with the skin salve, carbon eyeshadow, and a 266 brush. Mac in Myer & DJ's had 15% off so I was pretty happy with my purchases.

I've had my eye on this Layered Frill Shell Top from Witchery for a while, so I was stoked to see it on sale for around $55.

The colour & frills on this Silk Frill Sleeve Tee caught my eye.

Saturday night the boy & I stayed in & watched movies, & Sunday we went to Harbor Town for a look around, I picked up a Nike hoodie for 30% off, and then went into the city for Japanese for lunch. :)

This week I've decided to take off Thursday & Friday from work to see the boy off, and then spend some time getting arty. Last week I stocked up on paints/pastels & inks from the art shop, so I'm going to get creative & paint something on the canvas I bought. I am really inspired by Sarah Hankinson fashion illustrations, you can check out some of her pieces here -

I'm also going to try my hand at some headbands & accessories. I really want to get back into photography as well (it was my fave subject at school & after seeing so many beautiful photos on blogs I want to start having fun with it) so I'm thinking about saving up for a decent camera - I would love to hear your recommendations? Hopefully this week I can figure out how to use my scanner & upload some of my sketches I've done in the past. :)

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! xx

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Weekend Pampering

This Friday was my mums birthday. I had this bouquet made up & sent to her as a surprise, & on Friday night went out for dinner with her & my dad.

On Saturday I was treated to a hot stone massage & french manicure - a birthday present from my friend. I've never had either before so it was a fantastic birthday present. 1 hour of pure relaxation, that left me in the happiest mood all day. :) I definitely recommend a little self pampering every once in a while!

After that I went shopping to pick up a few things for my mum. Myer was having a big sale so I bought her a new black handbag. I then stupidly stumbled into the clothing section & picked up a few things for myself... Unfortunately none of which were on sale :(

This is my new love - Escada Ocean Lounge perfume. I've been smelling it all day!

Saturday night I finally saw Transformers - Revenge of the Fallen. I ♥ Shia LaBeouf! I thought the movie was fantastic, just as good as the first one.

My Sunday was spent sleeping in/exercising/Chinese food & Dark Angel. I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! x

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Recent Purchases & Birthday Goodies

This weekend I had my birthday dinner at Viva Italian Restaurant. The service what not so impressive but the food was delicious! I had the Chicken Pollo with Fettuccine. The meals were really generous for the price! I got spoilt rotten by my beautiful friends, and had such a good night catching up with everyone & sharing some laughs!

On Saturday I did a bit of shopping with my brother. After reading the latest Shop Til You Drop magazine I was lusting after some lip products. I couldn't resist these 3 - Revlon Matte lipstick in Pink Pout (this is gorgeous), Revlon Super Lustrous gloss in Nude Lustre & Loreal Color Riche Shine Gelee in Pretty Peach (this has tiny little gold glitter flecks in it.)

The swatch doesn't do the items justice! Left to right - Nude Lustre, Pretty Peach, Pink Pout.

My brother got me this gorgeous Prada-esque bag in Bali. I've used it every day since he gave it to me. Unfortunately it is starting to fall apart in a few places, so I might take it to a shoe repair man to see if he can work some magic on it. He also got me Ralph by Ralph Lauren perfume.

A beautiful box full of goodies from a dear friend. There were also chocolates in here which I ate as soon as I got home from dinner. The lip balm is so smooth & shiney.

My bestie Nique got me this Twilight figurine (I am a little bit obsessed!) =)

She also got me these pearl studs (I've been needing a pair for ages.)

& this DKNY Be Delicious apple soap which smells heavenly!

My other bestie Erryn got me these stunning crystal earrings!

I got these bird studs from my friend Ellie. I love earrings!

I needed some black heels for work so picked these patent ones up from Spendless for $50. One foot is a little loose so I need to find a way to stop my foot from slipping.

I got this pretty little dress & slip from Dotti, the colours are very pretty.

Also from Dotti I loved this batwing top.

This is one of the blue tunic/dresses I got from my parents for my birthday...

& this is the other one. Both are from Target and were less than $45.

I've also finally figured out how to make my photos open full size when you click on them (Thanks for the help Nikki!)

I hope you all had an amazing weekend!