Sunday, June 14, 2009

Goodbye Weekend...

And so another wonderful weekend comes to an end. My weekend was spent relaxing & a party with the boy, shopping with my mum (I picked up some great buys from Target which I'll do a post on in the future) & Sunday walks with the bestie around the beautiful Swan River (roughly a 6km walk.)

I am addicted to the polaroid program, I think it makes the photos look more interesting. 
I can't wait for the next couple of weeks - pay day/shopping/movies/birthdays/dinner & drinks & a long weekend down south with the boyfriend. :)

I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend, and doesn't struggle too much on Monday :)

Also - if anyone has any tips on how to make my photos open larger when you click on them, it'd be much appreciated! xx


  1. Looks like a lovely weekend girl. Mine was fabulous also. I did a photo post last night. Keep blogging girl. xx

  2. wow it looks even better in the pics than it did yesterday! you should edit the sunny path so it is actually a yellow brick road hehe.

    i am struggling but i think it's coz i haven't had lunch... time for sushi! and i just mailed you :P xoxo

  3. oh my gosh - absolutely gorgeous photos!!
    i really love the last one!
    i'm not sure what's happening with your pics, specially when the same settings don't work!? eep!

  4. Caity - I love the updated post. Looks like a beautiful weekend :)

    Erryn - I shall try but I'm not that good at photoshop yet :P

    Nikki - thanks hun, I think the polaroid program makes them look 1000 times better, so thanks for sharing the info about it! :)


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