Sunday, January 17, 2010

New Shades

As mentioned in my last post, I purchased a few pairs of sunnies whilst on holidays. The folding Wayfarers are probably my favourites as they're so compact, have a cute little pouch, they're comfortable + actually suit me, where as the normal Wayfarers didn't.

OPI Strawberry Margarita is my fave shade for summer. I don't know what I did before OPI Drip Dry! This stuff is great, dries super fast & no more smudges! I really recommend this!

I've been playing around with my new camera, learning how to use it etc so expect some posts in the future with some of my test shots. All of the above were taken on my new camera. :)

I start my new job tomorrow, a little nervous & excited at the same time. Met with my team on Friday and they all seem like lovely people. Better get to bed so I'm all fresh for my first day. Hope everyone has a great week! :)


  1. Love love love the sunnies girl. Especially the Raybans. That nail colour is to die. I've been hearting the OPI site. Go have a look, you can try on all the shades! x

  2. ooooh cute!!!! i like the wayfarers too :)

  3. The box for the Tiffanys is gorgeous isnt it!

    The folding wayfairers box is also super cute!

  4. Oh my gosh! T & Co sunnies?! I'm jealous! Love them.
    And Chloes etc too? Love your work! ;)

    I'm a sunnies freak too, I have heaps of pairs but always end up living in one for a year or so, then moving on...I gotta mix them up more!

    And I so agree about Strawbery Margarita, it's one of my faves too :)

    Good luck for your new job and so glad you had a fab holiday!

    <3 xxx

  5. I love the folding ray bans!
    i have them too and love them to death!
    they fit in the handbag so easily.
    loooveee them.
    and the drip dry is the best invention in nail ware in forever.
    i cant do a DIY pedicure without it!!

  6. Gorgeous pair of sunnies paired with the chic pink nail lacquer. You will knock them dead this spring. xo Mish

  7. Thank you for all the comments :) The folding wayfarers have proved to be my faves, I've worn them so much :) xxx

  8. The folding wayfarers are genius...not to mention super-cute!.....cant wait to see your test shots from your new camera!

  9. I would absolutly love to have those sunglasses! too bad I lack the money at the moment=/


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