Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Every day should be a weekend

The past few weekends have been amazing, spending lots of time with friends, enjoying the sunshine, heading out for drinks with friends, + taking some shots with my new camera. This weekend just gone the bestie & I cured our hang overs with Sunday Sizzler breakfast, then a trip down to Rockingham for a late lunch, to relax on the beach + swim til 9.30pm. The next day my friend Monique & I braved the heat to visit the zoo + took a few shots of the animals. The elephants were my favourites :) For Australia day we headed to my brothers friends house for pre drinks, & then we were meant to head down to the foreshore to watch the fireworks, unfortunately a few of us lost track of time & ended up staying on having more drinks. Here are a few pics from the weekend...

I hope all you Aussies had an awesome Australia Day :-) xxx


  1. wowsers!!! amazing photos!! it looks like you are on safari, not in a zoo!! you've definitely got the hang of the new camera quickly! these look so professional!!

    i'm so glad you enjoyed your long weekend, sounds like loads of fun!! i remember how good that cheesy toast stuff sizzler brings out.. mmmmmm!! hehe


  2. Wow these photos are so good.. Your talented sweets! Aussie day is always awesome isn't it?

  3. Beautiful photos, so clear and crisp - I want to go to the zoo NOW...all those animals <3

    I think its so fab that Aus has an Australia Day! Go Aus! :) And I agree, every day darn well should be a weekend, ha!

    <3 xxx

  4. Aw cute photos! I love the penguin one!

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  5. you always have amazing photos! love it! aw the beach, relaxing and swimming seems great! i have yet to go to the beach but today is way too hot i am so lazy for the beach eheh! x

  6. I'm so getting that camera!! i think you've found your talent miss!

  7. These cute animals made my morning. :)

  8. You have a great blog!
    Best of luck! ;)

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    x Valentine

  9. Thanks for all the positive comments everyone. I'm pretty happy with the photos, but can't wait to learn take better ones & edit them & make them more interesting :) xxx


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