Sunday, November 29, 2009

Style Icon

Lauren Conrad is one of my fave style icons. I think she always look stunning, whether she's frocked up or in jeans & a tee. Her make up is always simple & elegant, and her hair always neat. I think she always looks classy & appropriate. Here are some of my fave outfits.

Pics from

Click the pics to see full size images! I'm still trying to figure out how to put the pics next to each other, but when you click on them they are full size. If anyone has any tips I'd love to know :)


  1. Oh my god! (yes, I said that out loud too *shame!*)

    I've been waiting for you to update, and then I come by and see this post!

    I ADORE LC too. Shes gorgeous *and* classy. She and Whitney Port are such girl crushes of mine...
    Thanks for the pics, they're great styling inspiration :)

    <3 xxx

  2. I adore her!! Always have right from the early days of Laguna Beach, haha. The Hills is not the same without her :( Her clothes, hair and makeup always look amazing!

  3. Uh!! I love her she is gorgeous and so normal! I get inspired from her style too! xx

  4. ive actually never seen the hills, but i will say the girl does have incredible style.

  5. She always has great dresses xo

  6. I want her wardrobe!!! seriously where does she fit it all???

  7. Beautiful!
    xx. Peach Princess ♥


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