Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I'm on a shopping ban... Really

Why is it that whenever your trying to save money, a million cute things pop up?! Christmas is also the worst time of the year to try and keep the savings in check, I have so many birthdays/presents & bills coming up. Getting paid monthly does not help at all :( I also need to learn to not buy things for myself this time of year, and instead put them on my Chrissy list & receive them as gifts instead... But when I decide I need to have something, I need it now! So these are hopefully my last purchases for a while...

Both dresses are Mink Pink and are from freez.com.au

Body Shop products - Hi-Glimmer Body Glaze in Nutmeg + Vanilla, Vitamin C Micro Refiner Exfoliator and Frosted Shimmer Lotion in Merry Cranberry. All products smell amazing! I actually went into The Body Shop for gifts and walked out with these things for myself.

True Blood was recommended to me by my friend
Monique, and I finished the first season in one weekend :) I am hooked already! I love Gossip Girl!

Mirrored jewellery box and perfume bottles for decoration.

And Lush goodies recommended to me by the lovely
Nikki. Angels on Bare Skin cleanser and Honey I Washed The Kids soap. Can't wait til they arrive!
Photos from Lush.com.au

And last but not least, a few products from MAC. Lipsticks in Hug Me and Patisserie (I've been lemming since seeing
Steph rave about them on her blog & decided to snap them up while they were in stock) and eyeshadow in Mylar. Lush & MAC goodies were online purchases so now I wait...

Phew! No wonder my savings are looking a little sad right now.

I hope everyone is getting prepared for Christmas! I am looking forward to 2 1/2 weeks of relaxing/beach/friends/family/sales =) 


  1. This made me smile this morning - I feel the same way. Too many good things out there to buy!

    Following your blog now, glad I found it. (-:


  2. love post. i'm a big gossip fan too (:


  3. YAY love all your new purchases!! Good time for a shopping ban though, as chrissy really is just around the corner!
    Hope you love the Lush goodies - you'll want to eat that soap + the cleanser is so beautiful on the skin!!
    I'm addicted to True Blood too, is the second season available? It's SOO good!!
    Can't wait for holidays + beach + friends + relaxation - my favourite time of the year!!

  4. I'm sure you'll LOVE Hug Me & Patisserie! They're both so gorgeous ♥ I'm loving the look of the Body Shops Xmas offerings, Vanilla Nutmeg - yum!

  5. Hello, I am a new follower and also from Perth :) Just found your blog and it seems we buy a lot of the same stuff!

    Cute dresses!! I never walk out of The Body Shop without a little gift for myself.

    LOVE True Blood (the 2nd season was SO good!) and Gossip Girl.

    Hope you are enjoying this rain!!

  6. I love ALL your buys!

    That floral Mink Pink dress is so pretty and I adore the ruffles <3

    After my holiday I told myself I wouldn't shop but now you've really got me wanting to pop into The Body Shop!
    Plus, I want True Blood ( I've heard it's so good!) and I *need* Gossip Girl series 2...I am doomed. I bet I give in this week!!!

    <3 xxx

  7. Thanks Cindy, I'm following your blog too :)

    Cody GG is the best! I haven't seen one episode from S3 yet but I'm sure it's awesome!

    Nikki I'm sure I'll love the products :) Can't wait! Not sure if True Blood S2 is available yet, I hope it is soon!

    Thanks Stef. I forgot to mention the body shop products have shimmer in them as well (not the cleaner of course.) The nutmeg & vanilla is a beautiful gold shimmer, and the cranberry is a white/pearl shimmer :)

    Sarah I'm following your blog too :) Love your recent Lush haul, seems like we have similar tastes :) This weather is horrible, missing the sunshine!

    Thanks PB, I'm a sucker for ruffles :) Hopefully you can hold out, but if your like me it won't last long :)

  8. Yes True Blood is awesome! Can't wait until season 3 comes out.

  9. Yes this time of year does suck.. Shopping bans are so hard to keep:( I'm trying so hard to put all my efforts into saving!
    Love the floral mink pink dress!

  10. wowwww so much awesome shopping!! I'm jealous of your shopping now!! I'm on a shopping ban myself, so it is hurting looking at all these treats.

    How ridiculously good is True Blood!

    Thanks for your comment, I see you are a Perthie too, I just got those white dresses from City Beach in the city! Mooloola or some such is the label I think? pretty rad and not too pricey either.


  11. Yay! I love that you are australian! I can shop in the same stores if I like something! Great blog, just spent the last half hour going through it :), come check out mine if you like, im aussie too :) schmoph.blogspot.com

  12. HAHA I did not even realise you were already following me.. I am seriously such a ditz sometimes! Hope you had a lovely Christmas and are having a relaxing break xx


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