Saturday, September 5, 2009

More Recent Purchases

After getting some awesome news about my new job (a payrise!) I decided to treat myself to a few things I had my eye on. This Bardot dress & blouse caught my eye online, but I wanted to see them irl before I bought them. They are both beautiful items, and well priced as well!

Last weekend I went to town with the boy to pick up a bag I had my eye on in Country Road. This red patent wallet stood out at the check outs, so I added this to my collection.

I am now the proud owner of the Evie Sling Bag! This bag is truly gorgeous, soft leather, comfortable to wear, zips everywhere & plenty of space! I love big bags!

I am also a Lush convert after I spotted this glitter filled soap as I was walking by. It has a delicious citrust/fruity smell & tiny gold glitter through out, which will look fantastic with lightly bronzed skin this spring/summer. The sweetie pie shower jelly was so much fun to poke & play with, I had to pick up a small tub. I can't describe this smell, but it's yummy!

I was on the lookout for some new nailpolishes & had seen some pretty spring colours from Revlon. 3 of these shades came in a little zipper bag, & they smell like berries when they dry! The smelly shades are - Not So Blue-berry, Raspberry Rapture, Passionate Fruit (which is on my nails in the last pic) & then the other 2 shades are Pink Orchid & Plum Attraction.

(Click pictures to view full size)

I spotted this Sportsgirl maxi in the shops the other night, but had to resist as it's $170 :( I'm hoping this beauty will be mine after pay day before they sell out. I love maxis & pastels will be beautiful in Spring :)

I've got a post coming up tomorrow with some pictures I took today. I hope everyone has a lovely weekend! :)


  1. Love the black bag and nail polish =)

    L.T. @

  2. (i wrote the biggest comment before & the WWW lost it!! bad cyberspace!!)

    I love everything honey - the bardot haul: amazing, the sportsgirl maxi: stunning (but agree on the $$), the revlon nailpolish colours are gorgeous + even smell good?! craziness!!

    i really really love your style + taste - you got it going ON girl!!

    PS: I hear you on the yummy Lush stuff, I used to work there! :)

  3. Thank you for your comment ;) I love all of your purchases, awesome dress and black leather bag. I absolutely adore LUSH products, I swear by them. I love their body butter bar that you use in the shower, BIG shampoo and snowcake soap that is only sold at Christmas time...You have to try it when it comes back ;)

  4. That glitter would be so much fun, but sooo annoying to get off...!


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