Wednesday, August 12, 2009

In My Bag

Sometimes I buy something and it sits in my closet with the tag on for months because I feel guilty about buying it. I did a post back in June/July about this tan bag from Sportsgirl, which sat untouched for a while. This week I decided to show it the sunlight! I'm really loving it as it fits so much in there. It really doesn't look so 'plasticy' in real life, and looks really stunning when you can see the gold hardware.

In my bag; Pratten Aqua Eel Skin Wallet, Mimco Purse, Charlie Brown sunglasses, Motorola V9, L.A. Candy (loving this!), hot pink ipod nano, Nivea lip products, MAC Skin Salve, Panadol Rapid (works a treat!), random posts its, pen, spoon, chewies, Impulse Romantic Spark deodorating (this smells beautiful!) Witchery compact mirror, keys & swipe card for work.

My boy got back from Japan on Sunday, and got me many little treats. This little MOS Burger mobile phone accessory is one of my fave things :P

I started cleaning my walk in robe out about 3 weeks ago, as I bought new wooden coathangers to replace all my old wire/plastic ones. The intention was to donate/sell stuff I no longer wear, & transfer everything else to wooden coathangers. This is what it looks like at the moment.

There was actually a huge pile of handbags on this shelf, but I was desperately searching for my hand weights last night & pulled most of them down...

Last night I couldn't actually 'walk in' to my robe, so I transferred a pile of clothes/shoes/boxes to the entrance instead :S I also have a huge pile of clothes on a chair in the corner of my room & hanging over the end of my bed.

I suspect the rest of this week I will be too exhausted to finish cleaning, as I am working at our city office, which involves me getting up at quarter to 6. I am not a morning person! :-( When I finish work I will be hitting the gym, then home for dinner & a work out dvd, before falling into bed. I will post photos once I have gotten around to sorting my closet out!

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  1. I want to read L.A. Candy! I heard it was actually good. I cant wait till the hills starts up again =)

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