Monday, February 22, 2010

Keeping Busy...

I have been trying to busy myself the last week, and make plans for upcoming weekends. The boyfriend & I decided to end our 6 1/2 year relationship the day before Valentines Day. Luckily V-Day has never been a big thing for us, and this year I was at my first ever festival (Good Vibes!) so I was distracted. I've been surprisingly well, what has helped the most is the amazing support from my family + friends! Since Saturday however I have been spending spending spending! Which needs to come to an end as I'm hoping to save up for a home!

Fashion mags/fresh baked scones & plenty of chocolate are my comfort items.

Some of my recent purchases - Sugar Baby glitter eyeliners, Sportsgirl bow beanie, Equip earrings & wrap bracelet, Cotton On bow back dress + Big W ballet flats & across body bag.

This past weekend I kept busy with spending lots of time with my beautiful friends;
Friday night - San Churros in Leedy & late night shopping with Monique
Saturday - Meeting with a real estate agent in the morning/Cuddly Animal Farm in the afternoon/cocktails/clubbing/dancing/many laughs + Maccas breaky with the girls & heading to bed at sunrise.
Sunday - Nursing a terrible hangover with plenty of sleep, movies & chocolate.

A few photos of the animals from the Cuddly Animal Farm in the Swan Valley.

I have plenty to look forward to in the upcoming weeks;
-AC/DC Concert on the 6th of March!!
-Puppetry of the Penis on the 13th. I have heard this show is hilarious.
-Plenty of long weekends!
-Road trip down south with the girls with wine tours/chocolate factory/beaching/relaxing.
-Picnics/beaching/op shopping/eating out + photo taking
-Lady GaGa concert on 1st April - Hoping I can snag tickets!
-Jam Fest 2010 with Akon, Kelly Rowland & Pitbull on April 18th =)


  1. love love love your new purchases!!
    you have so much going on, it all sounds fantastic!!! so many positive things to focus on while you go through this big change :)
    mmm scone :P
    that duck is the cutest thing!!!
    so keen to do a wine/cheese tour - especially w/ the girls, so much fun!!!

  2. Hey Lovely, hope you're ok. xxxx much love.

  3. glad youre keeping yourself busy, hope you're doing well! its good that you've got lots going on :) those animals are heaps cute! glad youre getting support from your family and friends and such.


  4. I want to play with the ducky! So cute!

  5. lovely pictures. isn't that duck the cutest thing? :) x

  6. Замечательные фото!!!! А кролики просто супер!!!!!!!!!

  7. Ducks are so freakin cute! I NEEED one.

  8. awww beautiful little animals!

  9. You lucky girl:) You ahve so many great things to look forward to! Just be sure to remain positive through all of this and keep a smile on your face! You will have a blast at acdc!!


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